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Discover everything there is to know about our amazing planet

Our goal is to teach people about the beauty of nature. We will keep you entertained with nature facts, teach you about amazing animals and plants, let you in on expedition tips and tricks, and everything nature-related. If you are interested in learning more about nature, the Brownfield Summit is the place to be.

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Join us on our nature expedition!

We at the Brownfield Summit love everything about nature. For us, nature is not just an interest, it's a way of life. From nature photographers to scientists, biologists to zoologists and documentary filmmakers, we have a wide range of authors on our team with different expertise. They have spent most of their lives being passionate about nature and want to share their passion with nature enthusiasts like you.

For nature enthusiasts like us, nature is the ultimate playground. Whether it's exploring the deepest parts of the ocean or looking at nature through a microscope, nature is always surprising us in new ways. We love to share our nature discoveries with you and also uncover nature's secrets, from the amazing adaptations animals make to survive in nature's harsh conditions, to how nature is changing the world around us.

We aim to keep nature enthusiasts around the globe informed about nature-related content that is educational, mind-blowing, and beneficial to nature conservation. Thanks for joining us on this nature adventure, and please enjoy nature responsibly.

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