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Brownfield Summit 2020

12 May 2020 | London

About this stream

Building on the success of previous ground gas conferences, this is the go-to event for regulators, consultants, remediation contractors and other industry experts concerned with all aspects of ground gas risk assessment, verification, and protection. It will provide a varied mix of new research, policy updates, practical insights and topical case studies.


Stream 1

Ground Gas

Why attend?

Practical advice - Learn from specialist presentations delivered by the leading lights of the sector. Get insight into new strategies, innovations and techniques to tackle your most pressing ground gas challenges. Protect your company from liability by staying current with the latest changes in legislation.

Case studies - Learn from hands-on experience in a series of case studies which will provide technical guidance and practical frameworks. You will come away with best practices that you can apply immediately within your organisation.

Share and engage - Find out what your competitors and peers are doing, not doing, contemplating and committing to.

Networking - Meet and mingle with over 70 professionals in your sector. Whether you want to have a 1-on-1 with a speaker, raise your profile, attract new clients or simply catch up with peers, the Brownfield Summit 2020 provides an unmissable networking and knowledge sharing opportunity.


Programme to be announced shortly.

Who should attend?

  • Scientific Officers

  • Principal Consultants

  • Technical Directors

  • Managing Directors

  • Contaminated Land Officers

  • Environmental Consultants

  • Contaminated Land Specialists

  • Geologists

  • Environmental Engineers

  • Contaminated Land Officers

  • Environmental Protection Officers


The conference programme is currently being researched. To view last year's programme click here.

This year's conference will provide a varied mix of new research, policy updates, practical insights and topical case studies on issues including:

  • Recent updates to current ground gas guidance and best practice 

  • Innovations in ground gas monitoring and risk assessment, especially on more complex sites

  • Effectively evaluating soil vapour intrusion

  • Recently published findings on the investigation into mine-related CO2 emissions 

  • Optimising the use of continuous monitoring and environmental data

  • The design of robust and compliant protective measures for methane and carbon dioxide ground gases in new buildings and retrofit

  • Strategies for improving the quality of verification and testing 

To be notified when the programme is available please fill in the form at the bottom of this page.


As part of the programme we will have an interactive break-out session which will give delegates the opportunity to discuss a key topic of interest to them in a more participative format. Each session will be led by a facilitator who will lead the discussion and encourage maximum debate and sharing of ideas. Topics to be discussed on the day include:

These topics may be subject to alteration and other topics will be added as the programme content develops.

​A. “What does the Next Generation Brownfield Professional Look Like?”  Determining the Right Balance of Skills Required to Work Effectively in a Changing Industry Sector 

Discussing the current skills shortage and ways to tackle it, what skills are needed in the sector now, and how best to manage the increase of digitalisation in the sector and its impact on recruitment, training and development.

B. Effective Communication Skills for Improved Stakeholder & Community Engagement 

C. Developing a Robust & Workable Conceptual Site Model (workshop) 

Identifying all the necessary characteristics of a site including all possible pollutant linkages; sources, pathways and receptors, is crucial to developing a comprehensive CSM. This workshop will look at the latest techniques being used to effectively assess a contaminated site and optimise the process from desk study through to site investigation - risk management - validation. Having confidence in your site investigation enables you to better justify decisions to the regulator and develop a cost- and time-effective remedial strategy. 


D. Delivering the Digital Revolution on the Ground – Innovative Data Collection, Analysis & Management (workshop)

How can we best respond to the challenges of digitalisation and the opportunities presented by new technology? How can new digital innovations help us to achieve cost savings, efficiencies and added-value insights? This workshop will look at some of the latest techniques and their potential to transform the work that we do and the services we can offer.  

E. Project Management Skills for Early Career Brownfield Professionals – Translating On-Site Experience into Effective Project Management

F. Selecting the Most Appropriate Laboratory Analysis for Different Contaminants to Achieve Optimum Cost-Efficiency 


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