Groundwater Speakers


Postdoc, Department of Environmental Engineering, Technical University of Denmark

Cecilie is a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Environmental Engineering at the Technical University of Denmark. Her research area is assessing natural attenuation of contaminant plumes by use of an integrated approach, including compound specific stable isotope analysis and microbial analysis for specific bacteria and functional genes.

Cecilie obtained a PhD degree in documentation and quantification of in situ natural and enhanced degradation of chlorinated ethenes. With the focus of advancing and exploring the techniques applied for characterization and quantification of degradation. The research was conducted at various field sites with natural or stimulated biodegradation, and was supported by laboratory experiments.

Cecilie has an engineering background with a BSc and an MSc in environmental engineering. All degrees were obtained from the Technical University of Denmark. 



Assistant Project Manager, Soilfix

Tim Blake is an Assistant Project Manager at Soilfix Limited and has over 7 years’ experience in spill response, site investigation, soil/groundwater remediation design and implementation working in environmental consultancy and contracting.



Senior Engineering & Geothermal Geologist, British Geological Survey

David Boon is an engineering geologist by training with 15 years postgraduate experience in applied geology and geohazards. He leads an urban shallow geothermal research group at BGS. His interests are sustainable planning and management of shallow geothermal systems. His work focuses on monitoring the environmental impact and energy performance of open-loop or groundwater source heat pumps.  He will share three case studies that highlight the role of urban groundwater (and its management) for decarbonisation of heating in the context of Net Zero 2050.



Commercial Manager, Groundsure

George started with Groundsure in the Insights Sales team, spending the best part of two years supervising the in-house sales agents as well as managing his own portfolio. George then managed the Customer Service team for two years, creating a talent pool and benefiting from exposure to every client Groundsure engages with. With his reinforced market knowledge, George has now moved and has the pleasure of being the direct training contact for law firms around the UK. On top of this, he is engaging with those who require Phase 1 Site inspections for planning or funding. George loves managing staff and helping people build careers as well as guiding clients to the best solutions for their cases. As an ex-American Footballer and coach, he believes in the strength of diverse teams and supporting colleagues.



Associate Director, Atkins

Duncan is both a Chartered Geologist and Chartered Scientist and is the Technical Authority for Groundwater Protection and Remediation for Atkins in the UK. He has over 17 years’ hydrogeological experience in both clean water and contaminated land aspects and specialises in quantitative risk assessment and groundwater remediation. He has a wealth of experience working on both historic and operational industrial site helping clients manage contaminated land issues and reach successful agreement and closure with regulatory authorities.  Duncan has developed detailed remedial strategies for projects ranging from small scale retail petroleum filling stations, through redundant oil storage and distribution depots to active operational refineries.  He has also developed remediation strategies for former gasworks sites and military installations in the UK. He has provided support to clients both in the UK and abroad including Cyprus, Egypt, Nigeria and Mozambique. 

As well as supporting industry conferences, Duncan has provided bespoke hydrogeology training for the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency.  He has developed company procedures and methods to make the best use of risk assessment techniques to develop robust yet achievable and pragmatic remediation targets.  Duncan has built strong relationships with clients and regulators which have been invaluable in achieving cost effective and timely remediation close out on many projects.  He is one of the founding members of RemSoc - the society for remediation practitioners in the UK.



Technical Director, WSP

Stuart Cory is Technical Director and Environmental Sector Lead for Oil, Gas and Industry for WSP in the UK.  Stuart has over 25 years’ experience as a hydrogeologist and geo-environmental specialist on a range of projects both in the UK and across Europe, AME and Australasia.  For the past 16 years Stuart’s principal area of work has been closely focused on the Downstream and Mid-Stream Oil Sector delivering Ground and Water condition assessment and remediation services across operational refining sites, cross country pipelines, distribution Terminals and petrol forecourt sites.  


Stuarts team in the UK has developed a strong track record in the past few years in the detailed assessment of natural attenuation processes on oil sector sites and in gaining regulatory acceptance for the application of sustainable monitoring remediation solutions across a range of site settings.



President & Principal Scientist, CPG Cox-Colvin & Associates Inc.

Craig Cox serves as President and Principal Scientist for Cox-Colvin & Associates, Inc, and is responsible for providing managerial and technical oversight on major environmental projects conducted by the firm. 


Mr. Cox is the inventor of the Vapor Pin®, a sub-slab soil gas sampling device used worldwide, and is the primary architect of a variety of environmental database applications, including Data InspectorTM.



Associate, WSP

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Programme Delivery Manager, The Aquifer Partnership

As Programme Delivery Manager for The Aquifer Partnership, Aimee focuses on engaging land managers in the rural catchment, as well as leading SuDS in Schools projects and raising awareness of the aquifer and its vulnerabilities. Aimee has worked on numerous collaborative projects, focusing on water quality protection and community engagement. In recent years she has worked on creating innovative rainscapes. Aimee enjoys inspiring people about the aquifer, and transforming inspiration to action to safeguard our water resources.



Soil and Groundwater Scientist, Shell Global Solutions B.V.

Dr Richard Gill is a Soil and Groundwater Scientist at Shell Global Solutions International B.V. based in the Netherlands, where he provides soil and groundwater technical support to Shell businesses in Europe and Africa, and represents Shell on a number of collaborative industry organizations [Concawe at EU-level, and SAGTA in the UK] to develop sustainable and risk-based solutions to soil and groundwater challenges. He is also a contributor on Shell’s global soil and groundwater R&D program; his current research interests are sustainable remediation and innovative technologies applied to remediation and site investigation. Richard graduated with a PhD from Sheffield University, UK on the topic of electrokinetic-enhanced bioremediation in heterogeneous settings.



Senior Scientist (Walnut Creek, California), Geosyntec Consultants

Ron Gestler is a senior scientist with Geosyntec Consultants. He has 21 years of consulting experience in remediation services, and more than 18 years of experience applying phytoremediation to sites in the USA, Canada and Europe.  He has participated in the design, implementation and long-term monitoring of plant-based remediation systems for a wide range of contaminants, including petroleum hydrocarbons, chlorinated solvents, chlorophenols, chlorobenzenes, metals/metalloids, pesticides, 1,4-dioxane, nutrients and salts. He has particularly focused on the use of innovative and proprietary phytoremediation systems designed to target deep and/or highly impacted groundwater and soil.  Ron has also evaluated poorly performing phytoremediation systems designed and installed by other consultants, and has successfully enhanced their performance by identifying key deficiencies and successfully implementing corrective actions.



Technical Representative UK & Ireland, Peroxychem

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Director, Soilfix

Steve Jackson is a Director of Soilfix Ltd and has over 25 years’ experience in the assessment and remediation of contaminated land within the Development, Industrial, Waste and Public Sectors.  Over the years, Steve has adopted a variety of conventional and innovative in-situ / ex-situ remediation technologies to solve groundwater contamination problems.



Principal Geo-Environmental Scientist, RSK

Helen is a principal geo-environmental scientist and team leader within RSK’s Geoscience division. She is a Chartered Geologist and ASoBRA (controlled waters / water environment) with over fifteen years’ experience working in environmental consultancy, specialising in contaminated land management and environmental compliance projects for a range of clients within the petrochemical, energy, construction, waste and transportation business sectors, as well as local authorities. 

Helen’s key area of expertise is hydrogeological risk assessment and contaminant transport modelling and she is skilled in the use of ConSim, LandSim, Groundwater Vistas, HSSM, AquiferWin32 and Remedial Targets Methodology. Helen has also developed a broad technical skill base and often provides specialist support with respect to environmental auditing, desk studies, site investigations, water environment risk assessment, human health risk assessment, soil gas risk assessment, UK WIR assessment, soil management and remedial options appraisals, including cost benefit analysis.

Helen takes pride in developing robust, practical, sustainable and cost-effective solutions to environmental problems on behalf of clients. Through her professional approach, technical knowledge and wealth of experience she is highly proficient in achieving Regulatory approval for projects, often minimising protracted discussions.



Director, GroundH2O Plus Ltd

Michael is Director of GroundH2O Plus Ltd, an SME environmental consultancy specialising in research-informed hydrogeological assessment and technical review of groundwater contamination issues of concern spanning contaminated land, water-industry, nuclear, energy-development, and developing world sectors. He has over 30 years research-level experience in contaminant hydrogeology, 20 years as a university academic and a significant track record of published research and project experience serving the above sectors. Michael and his company aim to support the advancement and application of groundwater contamination research in all settings.



Regional Sales Manager (North UK), In-Situ Europe Ltd

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