What are the 3 types of trolls?

What are the 3 types of trolls?

Trolls are enormous, lumbering magical beings who resemble humans and live on the outside of wizarding civilization. Trolls are classified into three types: mountain, woodland, and river trolls (FB).

Mountain trolls live in the mountains where it is cold all year round. They are big and strong and have very thick skin. They eat vegetables, fruits, and herbs that they find growing near where they live. Mountain trolls can speak some human languages but usually only with difficulty.

Woodland trolls live in forests. They are smaller than mountain trolls but still quite large for a troll. Their skin is also much thinner so they get sick more easily. Woodland trolls eat meat. River trolls live by rivers or other bodies of water. They are the smallest of all trolls and only reach half-human height. Their skin is very thin and they can be poisoned just by touching something that someone else has touched. River trolls eat fish and small animals.

Trolls are very dangerous creatures. Only wizards and extremely powerful witches and wizards are able to control them through magic. Otherwise, trolls would destroy everything in their path. There are several stories out there about ordinary people who meet a terrible end at the hands of a troll. However, not all trolls are as bad as others so please take caution if you ever come across one.

What are the three types of trolls, Charlie?

They are usually only seen by people around their home range, which might be as large as many miles. Woodland trolls live in forests near a big city. They use their magic to control people's minds and make them buy expensive goods they don't need. River trolls live by the side of roads where there are lots of travelers who will stop if they see something shiny. They steal those things up on cars or trucks and take them back to their riverside cave to keep them as souvenirs.

Mountain trolls are very powerful wizards. They can control ice and snow with their mind and make it do whatever they want. This type of troll usually lives alone in its mountain home range. It may have other mountain trolls as friends but not much else. Occasionally, a mountain troll will meet another one like itself who lives in a different part of the world and they will trade secrets about their lands.

Woodland trolls are also very powerful wizards. But instead of using their power to control ice and snow, they use it to control humans. They can make people do whatever they want by making them feel afraid.

Are trolls fey?

Trolls have some qualities in common. Trolls are creatures of evil and darkness, with little regard for daylight and a tremendous deal of venom in their souls. Trolls are no longer considered giants or giant-kin in the sense of this article, but rather a branch of the fey family. They live almost entirely within the underworld, and although they can appear above ground on rare occasions, they mostly reside in caves and other underground places. Trolls are known to use their magic to help them look more human.

Trolls were originally part of a parallel world called Vecna's Chamber. They were created by the demon lord Vecna as his personal guard and army. When Vecna was banished from this universe, so were the trolls; however, they remained outside of its boundaries and were free to go wherever their instincts led them. They have been known to take advantage of human weakness and seek out victims to torture and torment. Their goal is to make life as difficult as possible for humans.

There are three main types of trolls: blue, green and purple. Blue trolls are the most numerous and can be found anywhere in the world. They enjoy watching humans because it gives them pleasure to see fear in their prey's eyes before they are killed. Blue trolls are known for their skill with weapons and their ability to track people using their scent. They also have great strength and are able to lift heavy objects with ease.

What’s the difference between a gnome and a troll?

Trolls are a sort of Jotun in their ancient legend. They were enormous beings that lived in the deep forests. Dwarves and gnomes are portrayed as mystical beings. Dwarves and gnomes are both diminutive, human-like beings. However, trolls are not friendly and do not like humans.

A troll would be terrible to come across in real life. However, they are the main characters in some stories written by Norwegian author, Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson. In these stories, trolls are used as metaphors for evil.

Trolls were first introduced to Norway in 1785 by Peter Carl Larsen with his novel "The Troll's Daughter". This is how they became known as "trollføder" which means "troll-father".

In modern day Norway, a troll can be either a gnome or a dwarf. Either way, they are small, magical creatures that live in mountains, forests, and caves.

Gnomes are usually depicted as little people about 1 meter (3 feet) tall. They have beards and hair, but no hair on their legs or under their arms. Sometimes they wear clothes, but most often they are seen naked.

Dwarfs are also usually depicted as little people about 1 meter (3 feet) tall.

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