What did the elephant do when he was allowed to put his trunk inside the hut?

What did the elephant do when he was allowed to put his trunk inside the hut?

After placing the trunk inside the hut, the elephant carefully pulled his head inside before throwing the guy out into the rain. As soon as the elephant got his trunk back inside the hut, he began hitting the person on the head with it.

This story comes from an Indian culture and tells us that if you break something belonging to someone, you should replace it or pay for it. This story uses elephants because they are very big and strong. If you saw what happened in this story, you would understand why everyone thinks that breaking something valuable enough to be owned by someone else should be replaced or paid for.

An example of this story being used in modern culture could be if you broke a cup owned by someone special. You could give them another one and say that this new cup is a gift from you without paying for the old one.

Or you could buy the owner a new cup at their price range- saying that this new cup is payment for the old one.

Either way, you are showing your respect by giving or paying for something that belongs to someone else.

How did the elephant help the man?

How did the elephant fool the guy into letting him into his home and then pushing him out? The elephant asked the guy if he would allow the elephant to place his trunk inside the man's hut to protect it from the severe rain. The guy agreed, so the elephant did as he was told and went inside the hut. When the guy tried to enter his house later on, he found that the elephant had pushed him outside first.

This is one of those stories that kids love because it is funny and makes sense. The elephant got what it wanted by pretending to be hurt so the guy will help him. Then when the guy tries to help, the elephant pushes him away so he will not get in trouble. At the end of the story, the elephant saved the man's life by protecting his house from the rain.

There are many more stories like this one about animals helping people. If you read more about these stories you will see that they always end up having fun or what we call "fooling around". An elephant tricked a hunter into giving him a ride home so he could tell his friends how easy it was to kill a man. A monkey pulled strings attached to an anchor tied to a fisherman's line in order to scare fish away from his boat so he could catch more.

Why did the elephant ask for help?

On a wet day at the edge of the forest, the elephant pays a visit to his friend's cottage. The elephant approached the guy and asked for assistance. To protect his trunk from the pouring rain, the animal sought refuge in his friend's cabin. When evening comes, the elephant realizes that the man won't let him stay inside so he makes another attempt to persuade him.

After some time has passed and it is completely dark, the elephant goes back to the forest where they live together.

When did the elephant go see his friend?

Once upon a time, an elephant and a man became friends. A severe thunderstorm erupted one day. "My dear nice guy, could you kindly allow me put my trunk inside your cabin to keep it out of this pouring rain?" the elephant asked his buddy, who owned a little cottage at the edge of the jungle. "Of course, my good fellow," the man replied.

So the elephant walked through the door with his huge tusks and stood in front of the man who was sitting by the fire reading a book. The man looked up from his book and said, "Oh, it's you! All right then, come over here by the fire where it's warm."

After some time had passed, the man went outside and saw that the storm had gone away. He came back inside and sat down by the fire again. Soon after, he fell asleep by the fire.

The elephant took out his trunk and blew on it to make a trumpet sound. Then he used his trunk like a drumstick and made some loud noises which woke the man up. When he saw what the elephant was doing, he laughed and they had fun together playing music together.

How did the elephant cheat the man?

In the lesson, The Gentleman of the Jungle, the elephant tricked the man by begging him to let him insert his trunk into the man's home to defend it from the roaring storm, and finally inhabited his dwelling. The guy was safe and secure in his modest home, which he had constructed for himself. But then he fell asleep while the storm was still raging outside and the elephant stayed inside instead of fleeing from danger.

This story is about friendship and loyalty. It shows that even though an elephant is strong and powerful, it can be defeated if there are no friends around to help it out. Also, it shows that we should be friendly towards other people, because they might need our help one day.

Here is how another version of this story goes: An elephant learns from a man how to defend itself against tigers. Then the elephant kills the man's friend, so he can live in his house. When the man returns, he finds out what has happened and decides not to fight the elephant anymore because it is too dangerous. Instead, he builds him a new house with thick walls so the elephant cannot break in again.

In conclusion, this story teaches us to be friendly towards others, even if they try to hurt you. It also shows that being friendly can save your life.

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